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The Parent Participation Scheme (PPS) is a parent initiative endorsed by the School Board and College. It is one way of deepening the involvement and commitment, the sharing and caring that is so valued in the School community. It assists the school by sharing the workload with a commitment of time. Other independent schools have a similar system operating successfully.

1. Each family pledges a minimum of twenty hours per family per year, or five hours per term.

2. For those who are unable to fulfill their twenty hour commitment, a monetary contribution of $200 per year or $10 per hour for the uncompleted component will be invoiced at the end of the school year.

3. It is the responsibility of each parent to ensure that hours are registered during the year.

4. The invoice sent at the end of Term 4 is not reversible.

5. Single parent families and parents with their children in sessional kindergarten(K4 & K5) may have his/her family’s contribution halved i.e. 10 hours per year instead of 20 or $100 per year instead of $200.

6. Where partners are separated but both are engaged in the care of children enrolled in our school, each parent contributes 10 hours or $100.

7. Many families do, and will continue to make significant contributions well beyond the minimum 20-hour family commitment.


Jobs that do qualify towards your committment

ALL COORDINATORS EG anyone taking on the coordination for:

  • Spring Fair (burgers, children’s activities, tea and coffee stall, white elephant stall, ice-cream stall etc (10 hours maximum)
  • Soup/Ice Cream Roster – organizing the rosters, bread, contact person (3 hours maximum.) Attending on your rostered day( 3 Hours Maximum)
  • PPS – contact person, collating hours
  • Class Representatives
  • Help raise funds by assisting the various fund raising activities eg: sausage sizzles at selected venues
  • Attending YSS Parent Community Education/Talks that are held at YSS.

Anything you do in and around the school can count as hours eg: helping in the classroom, raking leaves, busy bees, sewing etc.

Jobs That Do Not Qualify Towards Your Committment

  • Spring Fair (attending on the day)
  • Annual school events and celebrations – Maundy Thursday, Michaelmas, Easter, Winter Festival, Spring Festival

How will this system operate? 
A register is maintained and updated on a regular basis to record hours worked by family members throughout the year.  Help given to our school is regarded as family commitment therefore qualifies with the parent participation
PPS forms are available from the school office or via School Stream and can be handed in to the office or submitted via School Stream at the end of each term or when you have completed your hours.  

Hours are collated and those hours not worked are invoiced at the end of the year.

Exemptions: All active commitee members are exempt from collating PPS hours ie: YSS Board Members, Sub-Committe members and P&F Members.

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Information For Parents

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